Screenshot of the reslivering process

My data-tank has a boo-boo, and a nice visit to the computer store

Oh well I guess its the life of a server monkey to replace broken components every now and then, the server has almost been running almost 24/7 for a year now so not much of a shock that it had to get some issue soon. Luckily enough I was smart and used ZFS as my […]

My HP Microserver naked and open showing the 4 drive bays and the ocz SSD mounted in the 5 1/4" bay

A little post about where I store my 1’s and 0’s

Alright so I thought I’d make a little (uhm scratch that) massive that post about my server, this is by far one of the best investments I have made within the computing-world in years. It all begun some time this autumn, I had friends from University back in the UK that had gotten hold of these cute little servers […]