After ending my engagement with “Stiftelsen Sula Fyr” (The Sula Lighthouse Foundation) I needed a new place to host the webcam that shows the view of the harbour, this webcam has quite a bit of traffic, either from people that simply miss the island and are curious about the view or weather or curious people that are either visiting the island or considering visiting it, a lot of people also just use it to see if their boat is still floating during and after the numerous storms that hit this island, all in all it’s quite popular.

When I decided to relocate the webcam I needed a domain to host it on and I chose vassoya/vassø as this is the island my family’s summerhouse is located on in the old fishing village Sula, and not least domains with international characters are cool! (at least I think so).

As I was somewhat in need of a little project to fiddle with during my summer vacation I decided to do more than just host an image from the cam on the site and make a pretty little website for it, I thought i’d challenge myself this time around by avoiding php (which I have some mixed opinions about) and do it all in HTML5/CSS3/Javascript, the only part that for now is serverside is the image from the camera itself, I’ll look into some way of keeping an updated image of the camera purely on this site and not the other server it is on right now in the future.

I also figured out it would be somewhat neat to display the current weather on the island on the site, for now I’ve used a jQuery library called simpleweather.js which in my opinion looks rather pretty, the service uses yahoo weather for the weather information, optimally I’d use weather from which is the Norwegian meteorological office official site as I know they provide very accurate forecasts but I’m not proficient enough with JavaScript to write the functionality on my own and their official plugin isn’t the prettiest and wouldn’t fit well with the rest of the site.

I’ve got a weather station project on the drawing-board and I hope I’ll get my shit together and build this one day as real-time weather would be a great addition to this site.

I also aspired to make this site work properly on mobile devices as on pc screens, as I’m not too keen on reinventing the wheel and far to impatient to do that from scratch I used gridilicious which seemed like a nice and tidy grid based css boilerplate and indeed it was very simple to work with and helped me churn out a somewhat appealing website in no time.

I do apologize to whoever that isn’t fluent in Norwegian that is visiting the page as it is all in Norwegian but I guess google translate is your friend :)