HMC6343 – Library

Skills: arduino, c++, hacking, i2c

I bought this awesome piece of hardware for some future “oh-so-secret” project I am working on and well this piece of hardware is amazing, I used a LSM303 compass module for my Dissertation and well… it was a shite piece of hardware compared to this, anyways nowadays I can afford something more decent so something more decent I got.

As I figured most people hacking away on the arduino are lazy buggers so I expected that some nice person would have provided a library to use with this unit, but no… fair enough, this thing is super easy to work with so its not the biggest necessity, but hey! why not be helpful for once and let the next lazy person have one provided.

Have a look and feel free to grab the code from my github

Currently the library is quite amputated and does not feature functionality to deal with all the magic this thing does but for now you can pull out all the data from it and a calibration and orientation routine is on my to-do list