A bit of Sunday hacking

Lately it has become a “tradition” to head over to the local hackspace (hackheim) on sundays to play a bit with electronics, socialize, eat pizza and maybe even help out a bit with cleaning/tidying or shifting stuff around as we get a lot of things from various donors.

The place is getting pretty well equipped, we currently have several workshops including:

  • An electronics workshop, with our own little shop where we can buy various bits and bobs.
  • Kitchen with its own little shop with frozen pizzas and drinks and of course the mandatory¬†coffee machine.
  • A Lounge with loads of sofa space, projector and canvas, a media pc and a badass stereo, all this stuff is also donated, god knows why.
  • A 3d printing room, currently equipped with a makerbot.
  • I believe there is a mechanical workshop in the making with machining stuff.
  • And the latest addition, though still in progress…. our own brewery!

Raspberry PI wallmount chassisToday I have done a bit of soldering, just made some connectors for various bits and bobs, including a cable for my EM408 gps unit that I have bought for some future project I am working on, I will tell more about that when I get it started properly.

I have also worked on a raspberry pi and arduino powered gadget that is going to be used to keep track of the power usage in the house, it does basically use an LDR to register blinks from a led on the power meter in the house, these are then sent to the raspberry PI where we will do logging and also some fancy graphing, the raspberry will also work as a database server for the RFID door-lock another guy is working on.

I also got to try out the makerbot today and printed out a chassis/wall mount for my raspberry PI, I really need to play more with that machine, it is brilliant! As I got a bit low on time I only got to print the bottom half of the chassis today so I will have to print the other half next time I am around. The result of the printing session can be seen in the picture to the right here, I did really not expect that it would be this sturdy, after all its just a lot of strips of molten plastic arranged into a suitable shape. I am for sure going to get my head around CAD and make some models myself!


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