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Screenshot of the reslivering process

My data-tank has a boo-boo, and a nice visit to the computer store

Oh well I guess its the life of a server monkey to replace broken components every now and then, the server has almost been running almost 24/7 for a year now so not much of a shock that it had to get some issue soon. Luckily enough I was smart and used ZFS as my […]


Actually putting my raspberry PI to some practical use

So just as any other tech geek I do of course own the mandatory gadget number one at the time being; A raspberry PI. I have played quite a bit with this magical little computer and its a nice piece of tech but up until now it has just been a toy that has made […]


A bit of Sunday hacking

Lately it has become a “tradition” to head over to the local hackspace (hackheim) on sundays to play a bit with electronics, socialize, eat pizza and maybe even help out a bit with cleaning/tidying or shifting stuff around as we get a lot of things from various donors. The place is getting pretty well equipped, […]